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Mela SaraJane Dailey – A Treasure of the Austin Art Community

Mela SaraJane Dailey – A Treasure of the Austin Art Community

Mela Sarajane Dailey is one of the treasures of Austin’s Arts community. She is a a classically trained soprano with one Grammy and eight Grammy nominations under her belt for her work with the Austin choral ensemble, Conspirare. Mela SaraJane has sung with operas and orchestras around the world, including the Austin, Detroit, Rochester and Vancouver Symphony Orchestras just to name a few. In addition to her classical music she has sung almost anything you can imagine: opera, oratorio, art song, musical theater, vocal, jazz, gospel, country, and popular music.

Listen to the podcast to hear my full interview with SaraJane, truly one of the gems of the Austin arts community.

You can find Mela SaraJane Dailey on her website at and on Facebook at

Below is one gallery of photos from Mela SaraJane and another of a handful of photos of her with various friends. I included this, because SaraJane is so incredibly community oriented, she works with, supports and spreads love around so many people that it is mind-blowing. She is a force of nature.

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