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Welcome to ATX UnBound! I’m Nelson Guda – an artist, former scientist, activist and lover of Austin. Join me in my exploration of my favorite city with all it’s quirkitudes and wonderful creative weirdness. ATX UnBound is a podcast and online magazine .

For those of you who don’t already know me, I am an artist and former scientist, activist and all-around curious person. I’ve traveled a lot of the world pursuing my own creative work and has seen creativity from the inside of wildly different careers. You can find out more about me at my website,

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Hillary Pierce on ATX UnBound

Hillary Pierce – Bringing Life To The Border Issue

I’m always curious about film producers, because the job can be anything from fund-raising and budget setting to logistics to taking part in directorial decisions. So I was excited when Hillary Pierce, the producer of

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Crux Climbing Center

Kevin Goradia, the owner and founder of Crux Climbing Center, is super passionate about climbing. He’s climbed his whole life, and he worked as a route setter when he was younger. But when you talk to him about his business he mostly talks about creating a community.Since I am obsessed with trying to understand the creative process people go through when they are building things, meeting Kevin got me to wondering about the creativity behind building a business that is focused on community.

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Kevin Snipes on

Cool Boy – Kevin Snipes

Kevin Snipes is an subtle anomaly. He is soft spoken and laughs easily. His porcelain sculptures are populated by hand-drawn cartoon-like characters, that gently poke and prod at issues of love, race and communication in the modern world.

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Piano Around The World - Dotan Negrin

Piano Around The World

Dotan Negrin is one of those people who thought of something kinda crazy and just did it. In 2008, Dotan had just gotten out of college to find the economy in a tailspin. He decided to take his Piano Around The World.

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Patrick Dougherty talks with UnBound about his new sculpture in Austin, TX

Patrick Dougherty – Tapping Into Our Inner Child

I’ve always loved exploring in the woods. When I was a kid I built lean-tos and forts in the little wooded park in our neighborhood. These are exactly the kind of memories that came up walking through Patrick Dougherty’s new sculpture in Austin. Patrick knows this, and he talks about weaving peoples’ fantasies into his work – fantasies about native cultures, the Garden of Eden and kissing under a lilac bush.

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